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Fly on the wings of the Dragon to Bhutan, on arrival in Paro International Airport, complete the immigration formalities and exit through only one arrival gate where the HBT dedicated team who will be holding placards, no one will be missed. We welcome with khaddar and proceed to Thimphu which will take about an hour and half. The route will follow the Paroo River until Chuzom from where we will bend towards Thimphu river taking us to the heart of capital city Thimphu. The entire stretch of drives is very scenic and picturesque as we pass by some of the beautiful villages of Bondey, Shaba, Isina etc until we enter the welcome gate in Thimphu.
Tachogang Lhakhang- En-route to Thimphu, stopover for a little leg stretch walk crossing Paro River or enjoy the views from the roadside depending on your arrival time.
Chuzom- Meeting point of two rivers (Thimphu & Paro) is a junction of highway leading to Thimphu, Paro and Phuentsholing in three directions. Enjoy the lovely picture of the beautiful portrait our King and Queen placed at chuzom which is so welcoming to all who visit Bhutan.
Explore Thimphu City- If time permits, walking through the city gives you immense joys and understanding of modern city. Good option for imported garments and local souvenirs, beside unique local handicrafts. Thimphu offers a mixed style of personalities taking the street walk in Thimphu- the only city in the world without traffic lights. Overnight in Thimphu, altitude 2400m


Thimphu- This bustling little city is the main centre of commerce, religion and government in the country. Thimphu is the most modern city with an abundance of restaurants, internet cafes, nightclubs and shopping centers. However it still retains its cultural identity and values amidst the signs of modernization, often referred to as the world’s only city without traffic lights.
National Memorial Chorten- It is located close to the center of Thimphu city and is one of its most iconic monuments. Visitors will find elderly Bhutanese people circumambulating the Chorten throughout the day. The National Memorial Chorten was built in memory of Late Third King of Bhutan and dedicated to World Peace. The Third King is regarded as the father of modern Bhutan.
Buddha Dordenma- The Buddha Dordenma is located at the top of the hill in Kuenselphodrang Nature Park and overlooks the southern entrance to Thimphu valley.
Folk Heritage Museum-This museum was established in 2001 and provides visitors with fascinating insights into the Bhutanese material culture and way of life, especially the life of Bhutanese in remote parts of Bhutan.
National Library-The National Library was established in 1967 to preserve ancient Buddhist scripts and texts. One can also see the world’s largest picture book on Bhutan.
Textile Museum- The National Textile Museum which opened in June 2001, is worth a leisurely visit to get to know the living national art of weaving. Changing exhibitions introduce the major weaving techniques, styles of local dress and textiles made by women and men. The small shop features work from the renowned weaving centers in Lhuntse Dzongkhag, in north-eastern Bhutan. Each item is leveled with the name of the weaver and price. The textile museum’s exhibitions are centered around six major themes – warp pattern weaves, weft pattern weaves, role of textiles in religion, achievements in textile arts, textiles from indigenous fibres and the royal collection.
Authentic Bhutanese Crafts Bazaar- Bhutan’s first ever craft bazaar located behind Hotel Taj Tashi showcases a wide range of authentic Bhutan-made arts and craft products with reasonable price range.
Witnessing Archery Match- Archery is the national game of Bhutan, it is amazing to see Bhutanese archers hitting targets from a distance of 145 meters range. Bhutan has top archers in some categories at the Olympic games.
Weekend Market/Centenary Farmers Market- An interesting well organized permanent set of stalls built for vegetable vendors across the country. It’s open from Wednesday to Monday and closed on Tuesdays. One can find a wide range of local vegetables and fruits.
Other side of the river is a place for indigenous goods and handicrafts section, where locally produced goods, including religious objects, cloth, baskets and hats etc from various minority groups are sold here. These shops are open from Friday to Sunday only. Overnight in Thimphu

As we proceed to Paro, we will retrace the journey crossing Chuzom and further to Paro. The entire stretch of drive will refresh your mind and give you a second chance to enjoy the smooth and most scenic drive to Paro.
Riverside Visit- visit to riverside to enjoy the crystal clear river and group video/photo is must in Paro. HBT guides/drivers will take you to the best place to enjoy the beautiful river banks of Paro.
Rinpung Dzong- ‘Fortress on a Heap of Jewels’, is ranked one of the best Bhutanese architecture. The massive buttressed walls that tower over the town are visible throughout the valley, particularly when landing at Paro Airport. The Dzong also offers the administrative seat of the district of Paro. The Dzong was built in 1644 under the order of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.
National Museum of Paro- Perched above Paro Dzong it was a watchtower built in 1649 to protect the undefended Paro Dzong located below, renovated in 1968 to house the National Museum. Today this museum houses the best collections of all time historical items making it worth a visit.
Paro Town- Tiny Paro town actually can offer a lot more, there are many authentic handicraft shops, readily available Bhutan made products, grocery and imported garment shops beside having many small restaurants around.
Outdoor Activities- Nicely made and well maintained activity place attached to wholesale Buddha statue store, offers wearing Bhutanese dress, playing archery and darts for guests visiting Bhutan. The center is maintained and operated by HBT herself and it’s free of cost for all HBT guests. Overnight in Paro, altitude 2200m

his picturesque region in the kingdom is covered in fertile rice fields and has a beautiful, crystalline river meandering down the valley. Paro has more historical sites, high-end tourist resorts and many souvenir shops for shopping including world famous Takstang.
Taktsang Gompa/Tiger’s Nest Temple- is Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious Buddhist site in the world. The name Taktsang translates to “The Tiger’s Nest”. The temple is one of the holiest sites in Bhutan which clings impossibly to a sheer cliff face 900 meters above the valley. Although good trekkers can make it to the top in two hours, most of the guests take the whole day to complete the hike.
Kichu Lhakhang- Temple considered sacred Jewel of Bhutan was established by the Buddhist King Songstsen Gampo of Tibet to overcome the giant ogress that laid across Tibet and Himalayas preventing the spread of Buddhism. The king is believed to have built the temple at the left foot of the enormous ogress. Kichu Lhakhang was among 12 temples in Bhutan out of 108 temples said to have been constructed over a single night. Kichu Lhakhang was initially small in size however later, the temple expanded both in grandeur and size to its form that we see today.
Hot-stone Bath- Hot stone bath is very unique to Bhutan and offers great medicinal values. In most cases, the bathtub is made of wood placed on a ground level in a quiet hut for privacy. A couple can get into one bathtub to soak. Enjoy the great ancient techniques of curing body ache, join pain and harness many other values. This is an additional cost check with the guide/driver. Overnight in Paro

After breakfast drop at Paro airport to board a flight for onward destination.

Tour Ends……

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Important Note:

  • General Hotel Check in time is between 2 PM to 4 PM
  • General Breakfast timings in hotels in 06.30 – 10.30 A.M
  • The quoted price is not applicable during Peak Season, Exhibitions, Conferences, National Holidays, Christmas, New Year.
  • 20% of the Billing amount is immediately non-refundable upon payment.
  • Airfares on Low-Cost Carriers cannot be held on a time limit. The fare being highly dynamic, is charged as at the time of actual booking, which may be different from the fare quoted.
  • Double vaccine Must & should If not 72 hours RTPCR covid19 test negative report to be carry.
  • Several sightseeing activities including boat trips, theme parks and cable cars operate depending on the weather. In case a trip is cancelled before being undertaken, a refund may be provided as per the policy and discretion of the operator. However, in case sightseeing is curtailed after the start of the trip, no refund is due to be paid for partially utilised services.
  • Below cancellation Policy Strictly followed after or before 1-2 days departure dates

Payment Terms & Conditions

  • 50 % of package cost as advance amount  
  • 30 – 14 days Prior to Departure: 50% of the remaining total tour cost
  • 14 – 7 days Prior to Departure: 100% of the total tour cost

General Cancellation Policy:

  • 30 Days Prior to the departure: Booking Deposit will be non-refundable
  • 30 – 14 days Prior to Departure: 50% of the total tour cost
  • 14 – 7 days Prior to Departure: 75% of the total tour cost 
  • Within 7 Days Prior to Departure: 100% cancellation will apply
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